Revolutionary movies which causes people to think or rise against the Illuminati and the New World Order

Man of Steel

Themes: Anti-Illuminati, Genetic Engineering, Terraforming, Eugenics, One World Government

Alex Jones explores the Illuminati symbolism in and highlights the anti-Illuminati themes in Warner Bros’ 2013 Man of Steel and compares it to the pro-Illuminati agenda World War Z.

The Matrix

Released at the tail end of the last millennium, the movie struck a chord with the conspiracy crowd because of its central message of waking up to the truth.

We conspiracy theorists, generally see ourselves as the few awakened souls amongst a crowd of mindless zombies.

Seven Days in May

The story closely parallels the 1930s plot by wealthy Americans to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt and replace the government with a more corporate-friendly fascist dictatorship

Decoder: Alex Jones

youtubeSeven Days in May – Illuminati in Hollywood Movies Exposed
Running Time : 14 min 14 sec