Illuminati Symbols

Hollywood movies that use symbols of the Illuminati.

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is a 2009 big budget Ron Howard film based on the bestselling book by Dan Brown. The German title for the book is Illuminati, while the English version is titled Angels and Demons.

The Illuminati is at the center of the story, but Brown and Howard’s version of the Illuminati differs significantly from Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati

Eyes Wide Shut

For most people, Eyes Wide Shut is the first movie they think of when asked which Hollywood film best represents the modern Illuminati. Urban legends tell of its director, Stanley Kubrick, revealing too much and getting murdered by the Illuminati. The film’s main character closely follows this scenario, adding fuel to the conspiratorial flames.


WARNING: All analyses on contain spoilers.

Top 5 Illuminati Movies

No 1. Fantasia

Disney film used in Monarch mind control programming

No 2. Eyes Wide Shut

Kubrick film revealing Illuminati ritualistic secrets

No 3. Harry Potter

Popular book and film series centered around witchcraft

No 4. Alice in Wonderland

Disney film used in Monarch mind control programming

No 5. Wizard of Oz

MGM film used in Monarch mind control programming