Is Wizard
of Oz an


1= Not Illuminati
5= Very Illuminati

Studio: MGM (Metro-Goldwyn Mayer)

  WARNING: The following analysis of Wizard of Oz contains major plot spoilers.  

Illuminati Movie analysis based on deconstruction by Fritz Springmeier in his book How the Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave Volume 2.

The Illuminati first used the series of 14 books written L. Frank Baum to program monarch mind-control slaves but began using the movie version once it was released in 1939. (Until Disney’s Fantasia, became the favorite Illuminati programming tool the following year)

Monarch mind control is a subprogram of the CIA’s secret Project MKULTRA into mind control. However, in Fritz and other whistleblowers version is lightyears ahead of any government program into mind control publicly-revealed to date. All insiders into Monarch have recovered their memories of Monarch mind control through hypnosis administered by deprogrammers. Deprogrammer Mark Phillips deprogrammed ex-Illuminati sex slave Cathy O’Brien‘s while Fritz Springmeier deprogrammed Illuminati Mother Goddess Cisco Wheeler.

How the Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

How the Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (Buy | Read)

Deeper Insight Into the Illuminati Formula

Deeper Insight Into the Illuminati Formula (Buy | Read)

In Deeper Insight Into the Illuminati Formula, Springmeier writes that Wizard of Oz-type programming is done on site at Disneyland, Disney World, and at Kennedy Space Center in Tampa, Florida.

Auntie Em = Mulaprakriti

Auntie Em = Mulaprakriti

Uncle Henry = Unmanifested Logos

Uncle Henry = Unmanifested Logos

HP Blavatsky's mental, emotional, and physical bodies

HP Blavatsky’s mental, emotional, and physical bodies

According to Springmeier, Auntie Em is a representation of founder of Theosophy, HP Blavatsky “Mulaprakriti” while Uncle Henry represents her “Unmanifested Logos”. The Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion represent Blavatsky’s mental, emotional, and physical bodies. (in another interpretation of Wizard of OZ, the Tin Man represent industrial workers; scarecrow the farmers; and the lion, the heart and courage of the American people.

In addition the Tin Man represent an experienced Illuminati member. A young Illuminati’s initiation ceremony consists of his natural parents over to the Illuminati. According to Springmeier, if a parent were to refuse, the Tin Man immediately kills the child as a warning to others.

Frank Baum based the Wizard of Oz character partly on oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller who had cheated his father’s oil refining company. JD had a medical condition which caused him to lose his hair.

The live trees represents the Illuminati belief that trees and rocks have spirits. (Druidism)

Toto represents an animal familiar as used in Satanic cults.

Munchkinland is populated by Munchkins. According to Springmeier’s sources, ex-Nazi Josef Mengele’s liked to experiment with dwarves. Fritz does not mention how Mengele felt about Munchkins.

Wizard of Oz has constant references to rainbows, including its theme song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The rainbow is a bridge between the real and imaginary worlds.

The winged money created the fear of always being watched. They can also act as inner demons guarding protected memories or alters.



Dorothy falls asleep in a field of poppies, signifying opium, while the Good Witch of the North wakes her up by causing a snowfall, a not-so-subtle reference to cocaine‘s effect as a stimulant.



The hour glass is used to show that the victim is at the mercy of her handlers and time is running out.

The cyclone is a reference to Illuminati spin torture. Monarch slaves can be programmed to have different number of spins in different direction trigger a different alter (personality) Illuminati handlers are thus able to decide the exact level of pervation desired in their sex slaves.

Reality is boring

Reality is boring

Make-belief is fun!

Make-belief is fun!

The world of Oz in a full Technicolor while Kansas, the real world is boring and black and white. Reality is purposely downplayed, the imaginary, make-belief world is more fun.





The transfer of the Ruby slippers from the Wicked Witch of the East to Dorothy publicly depicts the real method of transference of power used in Illuminati rituals. A Matriarch (Mother of Darkness) will kill an older witch with a single blow to the forehead wand or staff before putting on the dead’s woman ruby slipper and assuming her place as an Illuminati Matriarch. The staff is often fitted with a stunning mechanism allowing witches to give random shocks during ceremonies.

Just like in the movie, a scroll is used to signify the old Matriarch’s spiritually and physically.

Yellow Brick Road

“Yellow Brick Road” is a codeword in IlluminatiSpeak with a similar meaning as Over the Rainbow, or Through the Looking-glass, the book version of Alice in Wonderland. The dissociative mind sees its trauma as a dream, the place over the rainbow in the imaginary, make-belief world.

(Note: Vehicles in Oz are apparently used only in parades to travelled short distances. The road between Munchkinland and Emerald City, riddled with dangers, has to be travelled on foot.)

It has meaning inside the Theosophical Society as “There is a road, steep and thorny, and beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the heart of the Universe.” (source) The passage eerily describes Dorothy’s journey towards the Emerald City.